Thesis 1 Final Reflection

Part I:

Prototype Documentation:

Before Mid-term:

5 in 5 Exercise:

Round 3 Critique:

After Round 3:

Some Final Renderings:

March vs November:


For me this is a stressful semester, mentally and physically, but I am glad with the final representation.

All the research and modeling practices that I have been done in this semester was more deeper and integrated than previous semesters. It’s a big leap. Overall, the strength of my project can be address as two separate parts. The first one is historical research. When I start to think about a question, I always trying to look back into the history and find the root of it. Thanks for my art history minor degree, it made me realize that by revealing the pattern of history, you will find the answer for the future. The second strength is my aesthetic. Whatever the final form is, I have to make sure the first glance of it has to be attractive. It’s not eye-candy. But the reality is, more attractive visual effects can lead your audience to dig deeper in your project.

For the next step of my thesis project, I would definitely do more research on data visualization (or physicalization) methods and datasets. As Sven mentioned in the final critic, he called this type of work “Art based on Data”. I think it’s an accurate description. In the next semester, I will keep exploring the boundary between instrumentality and expressiveness of data-driven art project.

Self Grade: Concepting 5/6 + Research 5/6 + Prototyping 11/12 = 22/24

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