Thesis 1 Round 3 Critique Reflection

From feedbacks from peers:


The overall feedbacks about the strength of the video was related to the format and structure of the video. For example, kicking off the presentation with question and by answering those questions to guide audiences to enter the scenario. And various data visualization was pretty interesting to attract audiences to keep watching.

To be honest, in the beginning of my research about the history and culture behind food, I always self-questioning about should I spend lots of time on the historical and cultural background. And then, I realized my project was not only about the final visual delivery and interaction. The research really provided a strong support of the subject. The connection between food and history definitely brings audiences’ understanding of my subject to a deeper level.

The key word in my research question is “playful” and “inspirational” at the moment. So I was glad that the choice of background music is help to address that vibe.


First thing that I noticed that one thing has been mentioned multiple times in the feedback was they are curious about specific interactions of the globe model and how does data visualization helps audiences to understand the story behind food. I have to admit that the imitation of Rubik’s Cube is a good example. But, due to the time issue and technical problems, I do not think that I can accomplish a website with an interactive spinning globe model before the end of semester. Instead of that, I will build an interactive website for documenting all my research of this semester, as well as making the website as a tool of storytelling to help people discover the hidden history behind food, culture, and immigration.

One of the fundamental thing I need to figure out right now is what kind of information will help me to address my intention. Basically, there are two things I am focusing on for the next four/five weeks. Data Visualization and 3D models. For each separate part of my historical research, I will use a “chart” to presenting those events and issues. And for each involved ingredient, I will create a generative 3D model based on their flavor and aromatic. In another word, it’s a combination of Data Viz and 3D modeling.

Last but not least, I have to consider that how to make a consistent visual system for the website and digital assets. Such as, text, the filter of photos, the color of data charts, and visual effect of 3D models. Even the content might includes different formats and domains, I hope a consistent visual system can help to bring all of them to a entire piece.

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