Thesis Studio 1 Concept Statement

Official Answer:

“I am studying food design and tableware design because I want to find out how to infuse tableware with cultural food data in order to understand  the relationship between food culture and tableware. My goal is to create a three-dimensional info-visualization which reflects how food culture was changed from the past to the future, so that it can raise awareness for the topic of how food culture is developed and evolved.”  

Real Talk:

The real reason behind I have passion about food design is I love cooking and I always want to be a real Chef in the future, instead of a designer. Through those research about food culture and food study, I found some really amazing inspiration that can help me to develop my cooking skills. Somehow I found there are some common points between designing and cooking. The standard of becoming a successful Chef is not only related to your techniques, the more important element is your concept. It is same situation for designer. A good restaurant provides experience as their products, it’s something beyond dishes. From decoration to service, from the design of menu to tableware, everything insides a restaurant will affect the experience. As a result, I am research food culture and tableware design in the domain of food design. So that I can prepare for the day which I have an opportunity to open my own restaurant.

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